No Sales Tax

Open Road International can be the one-stop source for all your title, registration, and licensing needs.

In the state of Montana it is possible to legally register and license your automobile, motorcycle, truck or recreational vehicle by forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and in the process, completely eliminating all sales and property taxes.

In order to establish your Limited Liability Company (LLC), there are no forms to complete; just simply give us a call and we will establish the Montana company for you acting on your behalf as your registered agent within the state of Montana facilitating all your titling and vehicle registration needs.

By allowing us to serve as the registered agent for you, you as a non-resident will be able to enjoy the substantial savings by not paying sales tax. And with low registration fees you will soon be on the Open Road! Our company address will serve as the location for your new

Limited Liability Company (LLC) and will be used on all documents pertaining to your particular vehicle, watercraft or aircraft.

Once you contact us and have your own Limited Liability Company (LLC) established:

You may either purchase or transfer the ownership of your vehicle, watercraft or aircraft into the name of your Montana LLC.

*If your vehicle has a lien on it, you must get written permission from your lienholder.

Our staff will take care of the rest.

In a very short time you will receive your Montana license plates and registration in the mail.

Your title will arrive when the Montana registration process is fully complete and it will be in the name of your own (LLC).

Please note that each state has its own particular set of rules and regulations for the operation of a vehicle licensed in another state. We will be happy to assist you with any questions.

As the owner of your new Montana Limited Liability Company, it is important to note:

You will be able to maintain your current Driver’s License.

*In order to process your paperwork, a copy of your insurance card is not required.

You will be able to register as many vehicles as you wish.

All trailers, 5th wheels, motorcycles, ATV’s, and watercraft are permanently registered within the state of Montana.

The registration fees for aircraft in Montana are based on the age, horsepower, and type of aircraft- also at minimal cost and tax-free.

Laws vary from state to state regarding the operation of an aircraft and where it is domiciled.

We will be happy to assist you with any questions in this matter.

*We cannot process your paperwork without a title or Manufacturers Certificate of Origin

Please call us for a quote.

We are looking forward to serving you!